[ubuntu-uk] Unreal Tournament (was Re: suck it and see)

Josh Blacker jkblacker at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 11:12:52 BST 2007


On 6/21/07, Mark Jose <kernowyon at kernowyon.co.uk> wrote:
> Which version of UT Josh?  UT2004 has a Linux installer on the DVD - it is a
> shell script which will install the game for youand UT2003 also includes a
> Linux installer.
> Earlier versions are catered for either by installing via Wine or, better
> still, using the Icculus scripts which are obtained from his web site at
> icculus.org. Those scripts need Wine, but tweak the settings per game for
> you. Very nice and straightforward.
> I play the original UT quite often (I find it more fun than the later
> versions) but occasionally play 2004.
> Incidentally, Icculus also wrote the installers used on the official UT2003/4
> Linux installs and wrote the installers which the now defunct Loki Games
> used.
> Mark

I've got Unreal Tourmanent (GOTY) installed on an external hard drive
and have lost (lots of moving to and from uni this year and now we're
packed up to move home, and they're not in any sensible places) the
install disks. On windows I don't need the disks to play. Can I use
this Loki thing to play from an existing install, do you know?

Josh Blacker

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