[ubuntu-uk] suck it and see

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 20:13:01 BST 2007

I enjoy using Ubuntu because, like many others on the list I'm really
impressed with the ability to quickly get and install good quality
free programs!

I use Dapper servers at work where I can (internet/intranet mostly),
because unlike my Windows Server 2003 servers, I can just set them up
and leave them alone.

I've set up one Feisty desktop at work just to see how people use it.
Somewhat unsurprisingly now it's difficult to get sat at the computer
as people seem to prefer it to the XP desktops we get issued with.

Again, this is probably for two reasons. One - when you run them side
by side, browsing the web, playing movies etc seems much quicker on
Ubuntu (although granted, you've got to muck about getting it set up
properly first!) Two - when we need a bit of software for a task we
don't usually do, usually a quick search in add/remove programs will
provide whoever is looking with a good tool for the job. (which is
infinitely better than having to jump through hoops getting
authorisation to purchase new software!)

I also use a Feisty laptop at home (and set up the missuses with it
too) for the reasons above. It's also pretty good not having people
who I've put onto Ubuntu calling me up whinging that their computer
isn't running properly because of viruses and spyware (especially
those who enjoy frequenting the seedier sides of the internet!)

Software I like:

The Gimp
Open Office Draw
Qemu (thanks popey!)



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