[ubuntu-uk] suck it and see

norman norman at littletank.org
Thu Jun 21 12:53:31 BST 2007

One of the many advantages of Ubuntu to old codgers like me and those of
us who depend on our computer for passing the time is the vast range of
free software and applications available to be tried and tested. Mostly
these are easy to install and uninstall and generally work with the
hardware we have. Sometimes, like Mythtv for example, it is necessary to
get a new bit of hardware but the cost of such is relatively minimal. I
get tremendous pleasure from applications such as the Gimp, the many
sound and video applications and if I want to use something which
requires Widows then I will see if it will work in Crossover Office.
(Note, Crossover is not free but what you pay goes to help the
developers of Wine). 

Come on Ubuntu users, let's hear of all the things you like to use and
what gives you pleasure. Stop lurking and come out.


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