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matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Tue Jun 19 10:19:40 BST 2007

OK, I'll byte... :oP

On Tue, 19 Jun 2007 09:57:02 +0100, norman <norman at littletank.org> wrote:
> < big snip >
> As no one seems inclined to react to my comments I will respond to
> myself. As one of the longest users of Ubuntu in this group I am curious
> to know why there is all this activity in wanting to produce a leaflet.
> Is there anyone prepared to answer a few questions? If so, now is your
> chance.
> Is there a real desire to promote the use of Ubuntu and, if so, why?

Because it "just works".  I have witnessed people with absolutely no idea about computers (including one user who "tidied up her hard disk" only to find that half her programs didn't work because she'd moved stuff in "Program Files") install Ubuntu without any issues, configure a Sagem Speed-Touch 800 USB ADSL Modem and get connected to the internet without even blinking.  I am not aware of any other distros that do this.

> Who do you expect to be interested enough to even give Ubuntu a try?

Well, people who have seen Vista and Office 2007 are asking me about alternatives, people who want continued support for their OS but don't want to upgrade to Vista, people who are fed up with viruses and spam that have approached me about switching, the list goes on and on ad. nauseum.

> What is your personal motive in all this activity to produce a leaflet?

To produce publicity for a product that I have faith in and that will continue even if Canonical collapses (which I don't think will ahppen any time soon) - Ubuntu works as a product and it has been instrumental in helping others to save money by switching to Ubuntu from windows.

> How, why and when did you start using Ubuntu and which operating system
> were you using before conversion?

Immediately before Ubuntu, I was using Gentoo.  I've also used Suse, Redhat, Fedora, Slackware and Debian.  I still run Gentoo on my servers because I can customise the compilation right down to the flags for the GCC compiler and it runs incredibly fast!  At work (up until the end of this week) I have used exclusively windows on my desktop since I started (I've got a new job with a company selling F/OSS solutions that starts next month!!!)
> What makes you believe that your knowledge and experience qualifies you
> to produce a leaflet?

What makes you think that I lack these skills? ;o)

> There is no compulsion, of course, for you to respond to the above and I
> shall not feel hurt if you don't. Unless there is a good reason for me
> to say more I am now finished with the subject. The best of luck and
> stick with it if it makes you feel good.

And here where I try to remain professional and fail miserably.

I have only seen a few posts from you on this list over the last few months, admittedly I haven't searched the archives, however I would be inclined to count you as a less than active member of this list.  The few posts that you have made have not been the most positive and I truly believe that this is more to do with you trying to be a realist than trying to apply a negative slant to this project. I hope that I am correct on my assumptions.

This leaflet is a chance for the entire community to pull together and say "Linux is ready for the desktop and for the home - it now works, it will connect to your active directories and your windows shares, it will talk to your Macs and your TiVO, it is free and it is good, there now really is such a thing as a free lunch."

Personally, I will be using this leaflet for SFD 2007 in Thanet, I don't have the skills to produce the artwork or anything else, however I do have the skills to "sell" ubuntu using the community generated resources that are available to me and I will continue to do so.

Kind regards,


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