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Hi Norman

It was interesting to see the hornets nest you stirred up with your original

Every once in a while it does us good to have someone throw in such a
spanner and make us take a long look at what we do and why.

I don't think that the expectation is that once Chris / Matthew have
produced their initial leaflet there will be a sudden mass migration to
Ubuntu - no matter how good it looks <sorry fellas>.  But what it does give
us, and by us I mean those who have the inclination to go and put the
leaflets in practical and prodominent places, the opportunity to make people

As has been said, on this list I think, what we are facing is the obvious
predominance of M$ but in addition we face the marketing people as well.

I don't expect Ubuntu or any community member to fork out for a TV / Radio
Ad campaigb as that would really not be advantageous to the cause.  What we
need to do is aim at those people who are interested and because of their
experience get them to tell their friends etc.

A case in point.  A LUG member did a presentation to our local U3A
(University of the Third Age)  group last year and he guessed that the
average age was about 65 - 70.  Out of that two people took home with them
Live CDs and use it in place of M$.

So, what we are in fact doing is providing a resource to the community so
that when someone needs a leaflet to describe whatever, they can go and grab
the relevant one.

When this all kicked off originally, it was apparent that a lot of people
had done their own leaflets to cater for the audience they had to approach.
By doing this we aren't having to re-invent the wheel each time.  And as we
gain experience we can make other leaflets and improve those originals.

I have a personal interest in this thread as my LUG hope to start providing
talks within the local secondary schools next educational year., and these
leaflets would go along way to providing some take home information -
together with a Live CD of course!


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Thanks to all of you for replying to the questions. I applaud what you
are doing and wish you every success. It would be wonderful if you could
achieve what you are aiming for and I hope you will not be too
disappointed. I am sure that, if we all use the facilities we have to
promote Ubuntu, constant dripping may help to bring about that which we


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