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Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 15:11:31 BST 2007

hey thats pretty nifty, definatly getting there. Some of the wording I
feel could be changed however, things like 'The Demo mode' could be
replaced with: "What you see is a trial version of ubuntu which lets
you play with it without installing to see if you like it". The bit
about keeping your family safe I feel is a bit alienating too, maybe
just leave it as "Keep your computer safe". I like the personalization
of your wording a lot, it makes it sound like your computer is a
little doggy and your taking care of it by installing ubuntu :P

The why is it free bit doesn't actually explain why it is free. I feel
it should be replaced with a small segment about FOSS instead of
canonical. I think the line 'Canonical makes money by selling
technical support to business users' should be dropped - even thought
it is true. Firstly it will make people gawk and think they get no
support if they don't pay up or have to pay if they use ubuntu for
business. It also looks a bit 'evil'. Maybe putting something like
"Canonical is an organisation which provides paid-for technical
support for Ubuntu with some of their profits going back into the
development of Ubuntu to keep it free" or something like that.

I love the 'bliss' cover image :P What a pisser. It would be awesome
with a no-smoking sign crossing out the windows logo. It's also good
because it *kind of* provides instant recognition that we are talking
about OS's / Windows

On another note I feel one of the strongest aspects of getting people
over to ubuntu is to remain compatible with windows. We need to
explicitly say that you can still open all your office documents,
connect to windows shares, migrate your e-mail, use MSN, play WMA's,
use windows apps, etc. My view is that whoever picks up the leaflet is
interested in the knowledge that there are MS alternatives and they
must have some inkling to change otherwise they wouldn't read it.
Therefore we should provide info and support on switching


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