[ubuntu-uk] Leaflets

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 22:54:42 BST 2007

> I'm not sure about adding a footer, it just seems like we are 'trying
> to hard' if we do that. What might be better is putting that info in
> the FOSS section ie: "To demonstrate how good FOSS software is, this
> leaflet you are reading was made using OpenOffice, a piece of OSS
> software!" <-- maybe less cheesy
> Thanks for the invite, I signed up and added to the leaflet page :)


I think that part of the solution is to create an array of leaflets -
that'd probably include those relating to FOSS as well as Ubuntu
specifically. It's a bit like the post office I guess, you'd go in and
pick the leaflet most relevant to yourself.

Personally I enjoy creating stuff aimed at the total - 'never heard of
linux before' type of person. It's a fun exercise in sales and

I'm working on something at the moment that my other half laughingly
referred to as a 'bank leaflet'... Meh... :-P I have pointed out in it
though that it was created on Ubuntu using free software. It's a WIP -
I'll post it when it's done :-)


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