[ubuntu-uk] Leaflets

Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 17:18:45 BST 2007

My thoughts:

I like the personal touch (go make a cuppa) :-)

It seems more of an install guide rather than an introduction guide,
possibly more information could be put on. Ie 1/3 could be about FOSS,
1/3 about Ubuntu & compatibility and 1/3 can be installation.

For some reason I can imagine it being really good with a green background???

Graphics should definatly be included, I like to see before I commit!

I'm gonna knock up my own prototype in the next few days, definitely
stealing the cuppa line.


On 16/06/07, Chris Rowson <christopherrowson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Also, how about some graphics? Doesn't have to be overstated, but the Ubuntu
> > logo would be nice. Possibly also a watermark-style image in the back of each
> > segment, relating to the content of the segment (e.g. for burn, you'd have a image
> > of a CD)
> Yeah - I did think about that, if the text is sorted then I guess we
> can have a bash with the graphics :-)
> > Hope my comments are useful...
> Definitely!
> Chris
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