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Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Jun 14 23:11:51 BST 2007

alan c wrote:
> I see there is a thread with the subject of Leaflets. I have been away 
> until recently so please forgive me if I am not dovetailing into the 
> existing discussion well.
> I am an 'Infopoint' (note 1) volunteer - FOSS information at events 
> and particularly Computer Fairs. I am lucky in having one held locally 
> each month, and can mostly attend and display at them.
> My particular leaflets are tuned to the audience of 95% windows users, 
> some not even knowing what an operating system is.
> For better or worse, the leaflet is now accepted in the local library, 
> the local small business computer shop ('have you any more leaflets, 
> they've all gone'? they asked today!), another computer (windows only) 
> repair shop (two or three staff only), and my local Dixons (Staff 
> interest only), also the local College IT tutor gladly accepted some 
> leaflets with other things (including live CD) to give to the near end 
> of term students, some already use Ubuntu.
> Although the leaflet may not be 100% acceptable for linux cognoscenti, 
> it does seem to catch and hold attention of my target audience.
> I am very happy if it could be added to the leaflet resources we 
> produce for Ubuntu.
> Please note it is *deliberately* arranged as/for the following:
> 1) A folded format leaflet, 3 columns each side, folded as concertina. 
> (An earlier A5 double sided one was simply not well received - similar 
> content).
> 2) Mono (black) ink only. I print quite a few and ink does cost some 
> money, colour costs a lot more. (Any other pensioners out there?) I 
> wonder also if a fully professional leaflet would not look so credible 
> from a small volunteer outfit such as (I am)(!)   'Free' software is 
> greeted with suspicion enough without too obvious a mismatch about the 
> perceived cost of publicity.
> 3) In the leaflet heading, the first word is 'Free' then 'Open' and 
> 'Source'.
> 'Free' and 'Open' are words with have very common use, and positive 
> use, also non technical,  and 'source' is not too bad either. 'Free' 
> is the clinch. People start to read.
> 4) The secondary word is 'Information'. This is a *very* gentle sell, 
> no pushy stuff. 'Information' is accepted by public libraries, it 
> implies a culture of choice or benefit from knowing the information.
> 5) First page emboldened sub headings are 'Open code', 'good quality', 
> and 'Free', in that order.
> Note that once the main word 'Free' has captured attention, the slant 
> moves to openness and quality, then a reinforcement of 'free'. 
> Whatever the analysis, it does seem to work   :-)
> 6) (other content)
> 7) Note that the leaflet is based very locally, for Bracknell, so 
> local groups are referenced (Surrey LUG got left out, sorry), this 
> would obviously need change for other use. Ubuntu helpfulness is 
> hinted at but mention of the Forums is omitted because people using 
> the forums are already committed to at least a trial. They are not 
> this audience. The leaflet is aimed at people who may have heard a 
> brief reference to open source but are just curious, and usually 
> frightened or (not bothered) to move from windows.
> I give my phone number to some people, depends on circumstances.
> 8) The leaflet begins with Freedom, Openness, quality and choice. It 
> then introduces *Ubuntu*, its popularity, and its community, including 
> helpfulness.
> 9) A ghostly Tux image. The simple graphic gives a bit of light 
> relief, and I personally think that Tux is a very useful Global 
> blanket branding in *concept* at this stage. It emphasises there is - 
> in concept -  an alternative to Windows. I think that a Ubuntu logo 
> here at this stage in (my local) this context in such a broad leaflet 
> would be a bit out of place.
> Ubuntu is very specifically singled out anyway. Ubuntu is the specific 
> instance of the Open concept.
> I am not using my own web pages yet (I have a couple of virtually 
> unused empty sites), so if somebody will volunteer, I will happily 
> email them the leaflet (with only my own contact details edited out) 
> for downloading by others for modification or whatever and other 
> distribution.
> Any volunteer please?
> Note 1:
> Infopoint Project - started by Jono Bacon a while ago for getting the 
> open source word out onto the streets. I have found it to be an 
> excellent label to use in my advocacy efforts locally:
> http://infopointproject.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

This sounds interesting, a few of us in the Devon & Cornwall LUG would 
be interested.  Two of the members are arranging a mini Linux Beer Hike 
in Torbay on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July 2007.  They are hoping 
that along the way they can spread the word about FLOSS.  A leaflet 
would be a cheap easy way of helping spread the word.

If anyone is interested in the beer hike and visiting some of the great 
pubs in Torbay (I think mainly Paignton) then you can find out more 
here: http://www.zleap.net/beerhike.php


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