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I am new to linux. I have just built my first system and decided to give
linux a go. I installed the latest version of ubuntu and was really
impressed; I already prefer it to windows. Your idea sounds really good and
if people become more aware of what it is really about more people will


On 12/06/07, James Tait <james.tait at wyrddreams.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been a bit quiet of late, but I have been lurking.  One of the
> topics that caught my eye on the UK list was Popey's suggestion about
> leaflets [0].  There was a lot of discussion on the topic, then it just
> seemed to fizzle out.  I'd like to resurrect the topic.
> I'm batting about some ideas at the moment for raising awareness of the
> Ubuntu name, so "normal" people (you know, Linux for Human Beings and
> all that?) can start to absorb it into their subconscious and eventually
> start to ask "So what is this Ubuntu thing anyway?"  I've put a couple
> of the stickers I got with my ShipIt CDs at eye level in the local park,
> for example.
> (There's also a graffiti wall there that I think would look great with
> the Ubuntu logo splashed all over it, but I'm not sure that sends out
> the right message!)
> I intend to put a couple of post cards in the local supermarkets as well
> with specific messages targeting different audiences -- students, those
> people who copied Windows from a mate, those whose machines always seem
> to be virus-ridden, and so on.
> I think it would be a good idea to involved the Marketing Team on this
> (I'm not sure what the current status is with the DIY Marketing effort)
> to get their input and possibly re-use some of their existing work.
> Having asked a few people to ask me about Ubuntu, I got the following
> questions to add to the (already pretty long) list already raised in the
> thread:
>   > What does the word Ubuntu mean?
>   > What support would I get if I needed help?
>   > Does it have a GUI similar to Windows or do I need to learn code?
>   > How secure is it?
>   > Is Linux a passing fad?
> Cheers,
> JT
> [0] http://www.nabble.com/forum/ViewPost.jtp?post=10284127&framed=y
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