[ubuntu-uk] wep key and ubuntu

Michael Weaver weavermicha at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 9 21:33:03 BST 2007

I am new to this list and fairly new to Ubuntu having just got it
working on my desktop computer today on a separate USB drive as a Duel
Boot system with Windows XP.
I have a question about Wep keys.
Recently BT which is my ISP insisted on sending me their Wireless
Router with Hub phone and my sister set me up yesterday but she had
problems with the wireless card for my laptop as it wasn't lighting
I think I may have another problem as I think she may not have set up
wireless properly, I have to have Sighted assistance setting up some
of these things as I am totally Blind.
I am certain she might not have set up the Wireless part of the Router
even though it does work for the Ethanet connection so I do have a
wired connection for my desktop.
What I would like to know is is the WEP key different from my BT
Password and Broadband phone Password and also can wireless be set up
at any stage if it hasn't been activated already when my sister did
the original installation which she did under Windows as she is not a
Linux user?
If my Broadband phone password which I need for Broadband hub phone
and my BT password are different from the WEP key where do I find this
key for activating Wireless on the Router or is this a key which I
have to create myself a bit like my sudo password etc for Ubuntu

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