[ubuntu-uk] Birds Of A Feather Session at Lug Radio Live 2007

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Tue Jun 5 14:35:47 BST 2007

Nik Butler wrote:
> As some may already be aware Lug Radio Live return in July on the 7th 
> and 8th.
> Jono arranged a slot for 1 BOF Session for the Ubuntu UK Community 
> however since he is likely to be a little bit busy the task of running 
> the BOF is open.
> If there are no objections Id like to run the BOF and chair the next 
> Ubuntu-UK meeting during that BOF which we have provisionally arranged 
> for the event.
> As to which day the BOF Falls on and how long it will be ( it really 
> shouldnt be longer than a hour since people have things to see  ) this 
> is yet to be decided in the timetable.
> In the last Ubuntu UK Meeting ( minutes to be posted ) we agreed to 
> cover a few issues in relation to community and management so there are 
> a few topics already on the table but as usual the Agenda will be open 
> to discuss other items for the BOF.
> Your thoughts appreciated.
> Nik

+1 for Nik chairing.

What's proposed for the agenda? I reckon we'll get quite a few new 
people showing up, who'll require some orientation, introing to 
ubu-uk-loco. The BOF itself might not be the place for this - do we want 
another session?


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