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Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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The USB drive doesn't appear anywhere in /Media - I see my floppy drive, two
CD Rom drive and the various HD partitions, but nothing else.

I've run DESG and there's a lot of output!  What's the command to send the
screen output to a text file, in particular I need to send it to HDB4 aka
"Dual Data", file name output.txt?



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To answer the easy questions.

Ubuntu 7.0.4, and it's a 20Gb Fujitsu MHR2020. formatted to FAT32 of 2003

It doesn't appear on the desktop.

In Ubuntu do you get any type of audible clue like Windows does when you
connect / dis-connect USB devices?

As for the logs , I'll do that tomorrow as I need to get this darn report
done before coco time tonight.


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Ian is the usb disk formated?  The disk might not show up if it isn't.

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