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Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 4 11:42:15 BST 2007

On 04/06/07, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:
> Did you actually look at the sites I linked to? :)
> The files are human readable lists of
> wget http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/foo/bar/baz/package.deb

And how many public machines have you seen with wget on?
My library certainly doesn't have it, does your local library?

> Remember the KISS principle and that this USB key is being put into someone
> elses computer - in this case the library. You cannot assume that you can
> run applications from or install applications from the USB key.

But you can assume the presence of wget? It is much more likely they
will have a Java VM than have wget. And I never suggested installing
from the USB stick.
If the program is on the USB stick the java VM can invoke it. Yes it
is possible they have blocked the Java VM from running non approved
programs but less likely.

> Maybe the wget script could be translated into an html page which the user
> just clicks the files to get them.

Easy if there are 10, not so easy for a lot of them.

One question though, if your machine has never been connected to the
internet how is it going to have a list of packages from

 Would this mean you couldn't get a list if you wanted to install from
these repositories?

Anyway it was just a suggestion.

We could always just do what Debian do, have 15 CDs of files and let
people with low speed connection buy them ;)


First they ignore you
then they laugh at you
then they fight you
then you win.
- Mohandas Gandhi

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