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liam jackson liam.jackson62 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 09:49:08 BST 2007

 I have asked several people this question, but do not get any replies, 
 I have just installed ubuntu onto my pc at home, but as I am not on line i have to use a library pc for any downloading at present, (i on the sick and cannot afford it at present). i want to install a different media player, but just can't seem to do it,
 1st, do i have to be online to load programes?
 2nd, how do i adjust the write speed on the cd burner? as it just has a 1 showing. and cannot be changed,
 I have to admit that i am getting a bit frustrated at the moment, and seriously considering going back to windows, But i don't realy like the idea of helping Mr Gates getting richer,
    Please help me, 
      Liam Jackson
       liam.jackson62 at yahoo.co.uk
     PS as you may have gathered, i am a complete novice,

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