[ubuntu-uk] Flickr

Alex Latchford alex at yawnster.com
Fri Jun 1 08:40:32 BST 2007

London School of Puppetry wrote:
> Hi there can anyone help? I am trying to use Fspot to export photos to 
> Flickr but keep getting error when uploading for not apparent reason. 
> Does anyone else use this application successfully?
> Caroline(lsp)
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> London School of Puppetry
> www.londonschoolofpuppetry.com <http://www.londonschoolofpuppetry.com> 
You need to be logged in via your web browser, I use F-Spot a lot to 
upload to Flickr, you have to login first using Firefox, (may have to 
use the 'Keep logged in' checkbox also), then go to F-Spot and it will 
send you to Flickr to allow F-Spot to have Read/Write support, once you 
have allowed that, it should allow you to authorise your account, then 
you will have the list of photos which you selected in an final upload 
dialogue screen..

Each step is literally 1 push of a button, it should take under a minute :)

Good Luck, Alex.

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