[ubuntu-uk] Help with custom live CD please?

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 30 11:09:22 BST 2007


Well done!  Have to admit I never thought about customising splash and wall
paper to organisations' corporate identity.

Any chance when you feel comfortable with the whole process you could post
links to those tutorials / processes that gave you the most help?



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alan c wrote:
> I have a window of opportunity to attract attention in a large charity
> I have helped in the past, and I could very much use a custom (Ubuntu)
> live CD with a only a few differences from the standard:
> The boot splash logo, the in-process (Usplash?) screen, and the
> default wallpaper (as live CD).
> I have been trying over several long and so far unsuccessful days to
> follow some guides, and they are excellent, but success is still
> beyond me, also I tried reconstructor - almost perhaps, but still not
> working for me.
> I may only be missing a few vital points of understanding or skill. At
> least now I am able to use qemu (a first for me) I have stopped making
> coasters.
> Can anyone offer some hand holding about this please? I would like to
> be able to do it, but If a CD magically appeared by some other means I
> could change priorities from trying to create the CD to trying to
> influence the Charity.....

Thanks for the responses! I have persisted, and seem to have made some
headway. Reconstructor is good for the simple task I need, and I am
making a live CD with boot screen, usplash, and background, all
customised, great.

I can offer more comments here and details at a later date. Some
questions reamain, ( I can follow up you useful leads, thanks) but I
basically now have a suitable ubuntu customised cd to fit my immediate
need. Something like this with an organization's logo all over it
should be good to gain the attention of the target org I have in mind.
Not sure how far I will get, but it will certainly start a process.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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