[ubuntu-uk] Two operating systems

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Jul 26 21:23:34 BST 2007

Alec Wright wrote:
> You would just need to set the Ubuntu one as master and the XP one as
> slave (not the other way round like you suggested) and when you
> reinstall Ubuntu, it should automatically add an entry in GRUB for XP.

I do not think that it matters much whether one is master or slave (I 

The master boot record is presumably on the master hd, and it will be 
modified by the ubuntu install wherever that is, to then use the 
ubuntu boot information (grub).

It is easier to have windows in place first, because if you install 
windows last, it does not take linux into account.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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