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Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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Well snooped!

What does the charity do that requires it to set up a small PC group for
it's clients; any idea what they're looking for yet?

Unfortunately, living on the Isle of Worcestershire I will have to bow out
gracefully from the hands on support.


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I have made contact with a local charity who are soon to create a
facility of a few PCs for use by their clients.

I am not aware of a Ubuntu related group which has such an interest -
comments would be welcomed.

My knowledge of software for such users only brings to mind
proprietary software  (on windows). The charity has a small
organisation which is apparently only familiar with windows, and is
taking advice from another charity which ultimately is heavily funded
by a well resourced very large software company (ms).

I will do my best in the cause of Ubuntu however, it its a bit
unlikely that there will be a major culture change just because I
happened to walk through the door today.

A related question:
If I happen to be successful, they will need some measure of support,
ideally several part time volunteers. Is anyone in the bracknell area
who would be prepared to help a charity with Ubuntu on a free basis or
very low rates?
alan cocks
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