[ubuntu-uk] HTML Mail

Kirrus kirrus at kirrus.co.uk
Fri Jul 13 13:50:20 BST 2007

----- "Peter Lewis" <prlewis at letterboxes.org> wrote:
> On Friday 13 July 2007 at 13:24:35 Kirrus wrote:
> > ----- "Peter Lewis" <prlewis at letterboxes.org> wrote:
> > > Josh's mail seemed to me to have been sent twice - once in HTML
> > > and once in plain text.
> >
> > This is standard functionality of most advanced e-mail clients:
> Well IMO it shouldn't be. I really hope we don't go down the route of 
> accepting this kind of stuff as "standard functionality".

I use html emails all the time: Our customers request headers, and emails that have a bit more style than just text on a page. 
If I want to eat, then we provide what the customer wants, not what we'd prefer to do. There is only so far, and on certain topics, you can push people. Getting them to switch to Ubuntu was an accomplishment in itself... 
> > It is not a unwanted feature, as it ensures that each individual receives the
> > email in the correct format.
> What about if I want it in spoken voice, encoded as an Ogg/Vorbis
> file? Can I 
> have it in "the correct format" for me too? How about if I want it
> reworded in iambic pentameter?

I'll leave the standards generation and reprogramming to you, but if you want it, go right ahead ;)

> > TBH, the amount of bandwidth consumed through the 
> > feature is negligible, especially compared to the bandwidth a single
> video
> > takes.
> True, but I don't tend to download videos via GPRS.

True. A normal email is about 5-10Kb, including dual-encoding. 
5KB being a pain if you're on 7KB/s  GPRS: yes. Unusable: no.

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