[ubuntu-uk] Window XP on Ubuntu

Kris Marsh moogman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 07:56:05 BST 2007

On 7/13/07, Skippy <Philip at mcgaw.eu> wrote:
> http://efficientpc.co.uk/videos/vmware/
> if I was to install windows XP in VMware, what would the processing power
> hit be like? Would it be possible to run outlook in it, without it becoming
> painful,

It's actually quite usable, providing you install VMware tools with
it. As a rough guestimate, expect maybe 60-80% of "native"

> The reason I want to use outlook is because it is the only way I am aware of
> that allows me to use my Orange M600 WM5 phone with full syncronsation
> support. (would VMware do anything silly with the USB)

I've not used VMware apart from server type stuff, so I don't know of
the USB capabilities. I do hear that the latest VMware workstation's
USB has been improved drastically. Can't harm to give it a go :-)

> Also is it possible to dual boot to the VMware image? So I can run the same
> XP install on its own.

I don't think this is possible. IIRC, VMware can access
devices/partitions directly, but I can see Windows getting perpetually
confused when switching between two different hardware configurations.
Maybe someone else will be able to say they've done it successfully.

> The laptop I want to do this on is a higrade, 1.4ghz Intel (802.11b only),
> with 512mb ram.

What Intel chip is it? If it has has "Intel VT" capability, then you
may also find success installing KVM - it's open source as well,
whatever that means to you :-)


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