[ubuntu-uk] Petition against BBC iplayer

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Jul 12 21:56:26 BST 2007

Jason Liquorish wrote:
> After seeing a lot of posts about getting media from sites such as 
> bbc.co.uk <http://bbc.co.uk> working I saw this on the Nottingham LUGs 
> mailing list:
> Hi all,
>   The BBC iPlayer - which provides access to BBC programming for up to
> 30 days after it's aired - will be released as a Windows only
> application, including DRM facilities to restrict users rights, for at
> least the first 2 years of the service.
> The Open Source Consortium is running a campaign against the release of
> the Windows only iPlayer product - including a formal complaint to the
> EU on the issue.
> To show your support for this issue, please take a moment to sign this
> petition:
> http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/iplayer/
> and show your support to the OSC by posting us a message (via the
> Contact Us area of the website), or joining the OSC:
> http://www.opensourceconsortium.org/
> Please feel free to forward this message to any groups or mailing lists
> that may be interested in our campaign.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Jason Liquorish - Bassetts
> OpenPGP Key - http://www.dropshock.com/jason.gpg
> http://blog.dropshock.com

I've signed it and forwarded it on to my local LUG.

I was reading the recent story on The Register about this.  Seems like 
the comments are 50/50 against and for Linux support.

I'd agree with the comments about releasing the instructions on how to 
implement an Open Source player.  Heck, even if it does have DRM at 
least it will be supported by more than just Windows.


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