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Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 11 08:53:06 BST 2007


* Chris Rowson:
> * Create a new section on the wiki for ubuntu-uk-marketing and move
> the current work on leaflets to it.
> * Create a new group on launchpad called ubuntu-uk-marketing and allow
> people to join. Utilise launchpad to more efficiently organise ideas
> and assign work amongst members. Use bazzar to work on leaflet text so
> that revisions are stored and it's easier to visualise content than on
> the wiki.
> * Perhaps create IRC channel for discussion

I think it's a very positive initiative for the -uk group to focus on
marketing - in my opinion that is *the* area where this group should
really concentrate (as opposed to local language support, or translation
which a lot of other local teams concentrate on).

However, a couple of words of warning.

Since I feel it should be the main focus of the group, I don't think
it's a good idea to create a *new* group, with separate resources (irc
channel) from the -uk team. It would be better for discussions to take
place here.

Also, for the reasons that Alan has already mentioned, please bear in
mind that it would be a pity to start reinventing wheels which the
international marketing team has already addressed. It's true that the
UK has some unique aspects which the -uk team can concentrate on, but
please pick these carefully! The creation of leaflets, for example, is
pretty clearly something that should be shared over the whole Ubuntu
community, and isn't UK specific.

Having seen the recent experiences of the Italian marketing team (which
has been operating within a much more developed and organised group in
the Italian local team), be careful about creating groups which people
will simply sign up to without too much thought and then fail to
contribute or lose interest.

Lastly, it's important (*especially* with marketing groups, who have a
massive tendency for this) to concentrate on concrete organisation,
focus on targets, and get your strategy clear - otherwise there will be
too much talking, and no doing.

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