[ubuntu-uk] we suck or we just act differently?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Mon Jul 9 18:01:45 BST 2007

Andy Loughran wrote:
> Yeah,
> It's the stuff like Dell run ubuntu (but not in the UK) that we really need to pick up on and pressurise.  I for one am up for joining a tactical working group to fulfill that aim.
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>> > So I'm just wondering why is it that we can't boast like they can? I'm
>> > not blaming anyone or saying we aren't effective enough but is it just
>> > me that feels like for a loco team we are kinda small perhaps (small may
>> > be the wrong word, just small relative to the potential we have in the
>> > UK.), more like a community of people who use and support Ubuntu in
>> > their own ways maybe.. Thoughts and suggestions?
>> >
> I wonder if the Ubuntu marketing effort is a little to generalised.
> Perhaps a UK nationwide 'subteam' of the marketing team would help
> consolidate efforts to push the profile of Ubuntu in the UK?
> Chris

Count me in for a UK marketing subgroup. I am on the existing 
marketing list.

alan cocks
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