[ubuntu-uk] we suck or we just act differently?

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Mon Jul 9 14:45:02 BST 2007


Ubuntu has been well featured in UK media, even if the UK project hasn't.

Because Canonical are based (at least in part) in the UK, I've fired 
media enquiries at them rather than the UK team...


gord wrote:
> Taken from the latest ubuntu weekly news.
> """
>  * The Serbian Team has close to 1000 members. Articles written by the
> team have appeared in several magazines and a member was on a TV show
> with national coverage and gave away CDs to the audience. The team has
> held an install fest and participated in the Free Software Network
> Serbia festival. 85 members of the team are also part of the Serbian
> translation team. The forum is very active and has been successful in
> attracting new users and supporting them.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SerbianTeam
> """
> So I'm just wondering why is it that we can't boast like they can? I'm
> not blaming anyone or saying we aren't effective enough but is it just
> me that feels like for a loco team we are kinda small perhaps (small may
> be the wrong word, just small relative to the potential we have in the
> UK.), more like a community of people who use and support Ubuntu in
> their own ways maybe.. Thoughts and suggestions?

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