[ubuntu-uk] Skype

Robin Hall robinhall at f2s.com
Mon Jul 9 09:15:57 BST 2007

Chris Jones wrote:

> Hi
> Tony Travis wrote:
>> What are other people's experience with Skype under Linux?
> I use it for several hours a day (unfortunately) and it's been quite
> painful. I pretty much have to reload it after each call.
> They do have a new beta out which has a significantly less annoying
> interface, but it seems to use what sounds to me like a lower bandwidth
> codec, so it sounds all muddy and horrible.
> Cheers,
When you load Skype for the first time, it creates a faint  blue lozenge 
shape icon containing a white x.  You should find it a couple of icons 
to the left of the date.  Clicking on this will reload Skype.  To exit 
right click on it and select Quit.

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