[ubuntu-uk] apt-get vs. aptitude

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I tend to run apt-get if I know the package I wish to install, and it's not got many dependencies.  If I'm doing a big upgrade, or installing something that has multiple dependencies and I want more packages, I tend to use aptitude.  I'm not sure if this is in any way reflected in the differences between the two - but I find that taking this approach works for me - when I have the time to look deeper into the differences I'm sure I'll find out I've been doing something terribly wrong...


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I've been reading a bit on the differences between apt-get and aptitude.

I'm interested to know which others on the uk-ubuntu list are using (and 

Oh, and I guess that Synaptic users are welcome to contribute as well, 
though I don't have a GUI on the bulk of my Ubuntu machines, so it's not 
an option for me :-)


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