[ubuntu-uk] mplayer

Ted ted at trufflesdad.plus.com
Mon Jul 2 12:09:34 BST 2007

gord wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-07-02 at 11:31 +0100, Ted wrote:
>> A friend has been using a computer I installed Feisty on and asked me to 
>> install it on his..
>>  I installed it but cannot get mplayer or realplayer to work..When I 
>> goto the bbc news and lick on a vid mplayer starts to connect and the 
>> tells me "stopped"  If I alter preferences to use realplayer
>> f/fox crashes with no error messages...If I try Konq it too crashes...I 
>> have tried using automatix
>> on a clean install to get the codecs etc but still no joy..It will play 
>> vids and youtube clips though..
>>   I have also tried using pclinuxos and Mepis but all show the same 
>> symptoms....
>> I am running out of ideas and he is thinking abt going back to win 2k
>> Any ideas appreciated...
>> Regards
>>   Ted Wager
>>     Linux user..
> first step, remove anything automatix has done, it just causes problems,
> breaks systems and gives support people a big headache. not supported
> and please do not use it :).
> Second step, e-mail the bbc to compain about their web service being
> bias towards propiatary systems when we have free formats available for
> them to use :)
> typically at the bottom of a video stream it has 'open in a standalone
> player' you could try copying that link into a standalone realplayer and
> playing from there.  
Thanks for the reply...I did try without Automatix several 
times...Automatix was a last resort..
As to the complaint to the bbc I cannot reaally do that as I have no 
problem on my home computer with either mplayer or realplayer..It is 
just on my friends box where I am having problems..

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