[ubuntu-uk] BBC Vista Coverage

Benjamin Webb bjwebb67 at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 30 20:43:34 GMT 2007

On 30/01/07, John McCourt <steekyjim at yahoo.com> wrote:
> No offense, but Linux is not gonna have any chance at
> competing with the marketing drive of Microsoft over
> the next few months. Vista is the BIG thing in the IT
> world at the moment getting all the attention and
> until the novelty wears off  and that blows over it
> will stay the big thing. The press simply wont be
> interested in little Linux when the big guns are
> making a new release.

Your're probably right. Microsoft will be taking the spotlight.

> linux
> doesn't really have much of an advertising campaign
> and isn't visible on too many popular sites in the
> form of banners or mentions and because of this Linux
> is largely going unheard, unseen and unnoticed on most
> major sites and tv stations. Vista and Mac are both
> being advertised regularly on the most popular sites
> on the world.

However, we ought to try to make people more aware that they don't
need to use this propietary software. IMO, there should be some
campaign to try to show people that Linux can be a viable alternative
to Windows Vista. No matter how small the effect, it will be worth the
effort, even if just to say we did not stand by and let microsoft
create a monopoly.

--Ben Webb

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