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I have just had areply to my email- one of the links someone sent.  A
company in Leeds, say they are experts in Windows and Linux and cover my
area- they charge £70 for the first callout hour then £40 per hour
afterwards.  Company is called Problem Solved.  Caroline

> > > What I had in mind was more something by way of freely available
> > > community support.
> >
> > I always find that a little tricky.
> >
> > For me (whether right or wrong) I like to choose how and when I
> > contribute to the community. As with everyone else I have a limited
> > amount of time to spend between this/that/theother. I also (as with
> > everyone else) have requirements to pay bills and feed myself and the
> > family.
> That's normal of course. No one is going to judge you for giving up your
> free time to do equally valuable things elsewhere in the community!! But
> it doesn't mean that no one will have some free time that they can give
> in this way.
> Separate to that is the idea that Caroline has mentioned about people
> who would charge modest sums for helping on an individual basis. This
> would essentially involve setting up something like an "individual's
> marketplace", or at least expanding the current marketplace. It raises
> lots of problems which you were getting at in your earlier post, such as
> whether we need to help protect people by establishing some kind of
> quality control, or whether such a marketplace would regulate itself. I
> tend to think that if done right, it would regulate itself, but I think
> it's the kind of project that should be discussed with the Canonical
> support team, in order to fit in with their plans for the marketplace.
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