[ubuntu-uk] Battle of the Operating Systems

LeeUKHA mailinglists at varga.co.uk
Wed Jan 24 23:29:50 GMT 2007

Ubuntu does need a firewall/virus detectors, but (and it's a big but) 
there is less of a need for them.
While it is true that most virus/trojan/spyware/malware attacks Windows 
based PCs, it's not just because there are more of them out there... The 
problem with Window is that it is fundamentally insecure, whereas Unix 
on which Linux and hence Ubuntu was written from the ground up to be 
secure. The biggest example of this this that 99.9% of Windows users log 
on to their PCs as an administrator with full access rights to change 
anything they like. Not a problem in itself most of the time, but when 
they accidentally run a virus attached to an email, it then has all the 
rights they do, and can run riot around the system... that's just wrong. 
You can of course login as a 'normal' user, but them you find that a lot 
of programs can't now run properly as they assume that they can do what 
they like and now they can't...

> Some great replies- but does Ubuntu not need firewalls and virus 
> detectors then? and if not why not? Caroline

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