[ubuntu-uk] Opensource on BBC Technology

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Jan 18 15:49:50 GMT 2007


Neil Greenwood wrote:

> While I agree heartily with all of your points, I think there might be
> a flaw with this one...
> I seem to remember (and I could be incorrect on this) that at least
> some schools have licensing deals with Microsoft where the school
> purchases Office and the licence applies to the home machines of the
> students too. So the school can legally give out copies of MS Office
> to its students.

I don't know about deals for schools, but the Microsoft Campus deal we
have here at the University does _not_ allow the students to use it on
their own machines. MS Office is only licensed to run on computers owned
by the University.

There is a student deal, apparently, where students can get Office for a
reduced rate which is not zero!

We have just renewed our site license for anti-virus software. The new
license allows staff to use the product on their home machines, but not
students! Also, if a member of staff has bought the consumer version of
the product for their home machine, they are breaching the license if
they then use that machine for work purposes! (They could, of course,
install the University version; I'm just pointing out the absurd
conditions of license for proprietary products).

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