[ubuntu-uk] Open Source Challenges Vista at U.K. Education Show

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Wed Jan 17 17:25:30 GMT 2007

Hi. I'm curious: do you have whiteboards and do they work?

On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 09:42 +0000, Alistair Crust wrote:
> Hi, I would have to strongly disagree with your outlook here.
> I talk from experience as a systems admin at Skegness Grammar school in 
> Lincolnshire. We have run LTSP with several different distros for 3 years 
> (Settling on Debian, then Ubuntu) on 100+ thin clients with Ubuntu fat 
> clients in most of the department offices and all services web-filtering, 
> email, intranet etc using Linux. Legacy apps are available using win2k3 
> Terminal services. All curriculum teaching is done using Linux. We are now a 
> Maths and Computing Specialist school.
> Although I must admit any advances into education by OSS and GNU/Linux in 
> general will be, and have been, hard at first the more it is used the more 
> Managers, Teachers, Software vendors.. even school governors wanting to make 
> the most of their budget will see the benefits.
> To clarify I recently read in a blog post by Mark Shuttleworth 
> (http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/76) that for hardware 
> manufacturers it seems to be about critical mass... once 5-10% of people are 
> asking for Linux support only then will they care about providing that 
> support. IMHO this also is the case for software vendors.
> Without that critical mass in education, shouting to manufacturers 
> (hardware/software) then it will be a struggle for advancement but not 
> impossible. Once we have this critical mass, software vendors and hardware 
> vendors alike will care about why they are loosing out on a viable and 
> important revenue stream. With BECTA et al reiterating the need for OSS this 
> will help to grow the seeds of change..for the better.
> I would love to see some way that government could provide funding to OSS 
> projects to continue there sterling work. Funding that would ordinarily go 
> to proprietary systems that bear a great risk for vendor lock-in. Look at 
> the funding for the Compulsory.. sorry Optional KS3 ICT Online...sorry 
> On-screen Test....sorry Assessment. (This just shows the U turn the 
> government has done when they found out things were not going as smoothly as 
> they thought, and they had spend a shed load of tax payers cash and it 
> wasn't going to do what they wanted it to do). This cash could have gone to 
> funding something useful... even getting someone like Canonicle to build an 
> On-line distro neutral Test... something that works!
> To close, I know I haven't been the most active member of the list as I have 
> limited spare time. I did however feel compelled to add my two peneth here. 
> I'll get of my soap box now.
> Keep up the great work with OSS promotion.. as I said critical mass, the 
> more we chip away at this the better it becomes. To coin a phrase "Every 
> Little Helps!"(tm)
> Regards
> Alistair Crust
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> >I was at the BETT Show and saw the Open Forum Europe stand and the
> > Edubuntu CD's.  Also the Internet cafe there was powered by Linux.  So
> > while it's good to see them at BETT I personally never think Linux we
> > make any advances into education.  And I say that as a school Network
> > Manager.
> >
> > I say that because of the 190 poor written and designed educational
> > applications we have on our network NONE of them have Linux versions.
> > That is with one exception....the new Yr9 ICT SAT software has a Linux
> > version and I noticed that just yesterday.
> >
> > I do promote OSS and Linux within education.  I have converted one
> > teacher and two students to Ubuntu.  And given OpenOffice to many
> > students who do not have MS Office on their home PCs.
> >
> > I believe OpenOffice, The GIMP and other OSS applications could do
> > well in schools, but I believe the desktop OS will always be Windows.
> > Mainly because myself and my colleagues (MS Admins) are ten a penny :-)
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