[ubuntu-uk] Alan Cox Files DRM Patent (article)

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Jan 15 17:03:25 GMT 2007


Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, alan c wrote:
>> ] Alan Cox [..] filed a patent application [regarding] DRM.
>> ] Upon detection of a violation of these terms, state information 
>> ] pertaining to the computer program is saved
>> interesting times eh?
> I haven't entirely worked out the stategy (just getting media attention,
> perhaps).  Currently life with DRM goes like this:
>   1. Computer/OS detects expired license key for $program
>   2. Computer/OS 'kill -9's $program
>   3. User gets really annoyed at $program loosing $X hours of work
> After a few times of users having their work trashed, they are going to be
> fairly angry---but, there is a way of making them less angry;  instead of
> killing the program, suspend the program (or even the whole OS) to a safe
> protected place, until a new key has been purchased and entered.  So:
>   1. Computer/OS detects expired license key for $program
>   2. Computer/OS suspend $program
>   3. User knows that $X hours of work are 'held-to-ransom', buys new license
>   4. Computer/OS resumes $program with work still in-tact.
> What is being patented is the latter.  This means that DRM comes down to:
>   (a) Broken and unusable, or (b) Patented by Cox.
> A statement is made that Cox's 'unique' technique will not be available to
> others, leading to a situation where DRM is "Broken and unusable". Users
> hopefully get quite upset at $N occasions of $X hours of work being lost,
> leading to negative feelings and social-distrust against DRM.

Followed by users refusing to buy products with DRM built in and vendors
of such products being sued by Cox. Thus DRM becomes unsustainable and
vendors stop using it leading to a DRM free world!

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