[ubuntu-uk] OSS on BBC Radio 4, 9.30pm Sunday 14th Jan 2007

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Sun Jan 14 22:22:58 GMT 2007

Yes I have just finished listening to the programme- disappointing to hear
that in the UK OSS is received with such suspicion....but at least there is
a discussion- hope someone who knows more than I do will contact BBC with
CD's and offer free demos...etc

On 14/01/07, Llywelyn Owen <linux at spamtracker.co.uk> wrote:
> Tonight, Sunday 14th January, 2007, at 9.30pm, there is repeat of "In
> Business", a program originally broadcast on 11th January on the subject of
> OSS:
> " The world's biggest computer companies are being threatened by a host of
> new start-ups powered by open-source software, strings of inexpensive
> computers,and 'mash-up' websites which combine information in innovative
> ways."
> Although the live voice link tonight made more of the OSS side of the
> program.
> There's a direct link to the web site:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/news/inbusiness/inbusiness.shtml where you can
> download an mp3 podcast (12MB) of the episode. My experience of BBC radio
> listen again options tells me that you have about week from the first
> broadcast to get a chance at "listen again" options.
> Is someone at the Beeb listening to our comments?
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> Hwyl/Regards
> Llywelyn Owen
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