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Robin Menneer robinmenneer at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 12:48:01 GMT 2007

Can these people load ubuntu alongside windows, and leave a message in
windows suggesting looking at ubuntu - better than a bit of paper perhaps.
But ubuntu needs to be installed with openoffice &c with an easy and simple
user interface.  new users do not want everthing thrown at them at the

On 1/5/07, Mr W. F. Vening <nvening at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would just like to add that being a young person I have recommended
> that many people use Open Office and Firefox, while still using
> Windows. These people have been very pleased with the out comes.
> Although some had issues understanding they had to save in .doc format
> for MS Office to be able to read it.
> A major problem is that when charities organize computer type help
> schemes they will probably teach windows because more computers use it
> and so it is therefore more useful.
> I think we need some sort of leaflet which can be given to people to
> maybe explain what open source is in simple terms, as well as
> explaining the great advantages.
> If we could create a PDF then anyone who wants a leaflet can print it
> off for themselves or to give to others, or if they are really keen
> can go to a local printers!!
> However i have strayed from the point now. I have lots of experience
> help my parents who find it a huge problem to change to anything new.
> I have to perfectly setup everything to they can just click an icon
> and it does what they want.
> For example i had to create a bookmark for Internet banking. If i just
> made a link to the main site, and not the page with the familiar login
> boxes then i just got a blank look.
> Its also worth noting that in windows the default Internet browser and
> mail client gets simply labeled "Internet" and "Mail" in the first
> section of the start menu.
> I think an appropriate place to but these on the gnome desktop would
> be at the top where the program icons go. For example instead of
> having just the unfamiliar Firefox icon the icon could be there but
> with Internet boldly written next to in with a very click able looking
> button look!!!
> Just some ideas
> Neil
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