[ubuntu-uk] Grub on Windows Machine

Celia Lawton-Livingstone lawli56 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 3 12:45:32 GMT 2007

Format the partition ubuntu is on, then either boot into Dos and type "FDisk 
/mbr <enter>or boot to the comade console and type "/fixmbr <enter>" to 
rewrite the master boot record and reinstate XP's bootloader.

I'm assuming XP is on partition C:.




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>Subject: [ubuntu-uk] Grub on Windows machine
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>I have more than one computer and the one I'm typing this on is a
>Windows XP computer with an Ubuntu partition.
>However, I have decided that I would prefer to have the two OSs
>completely separate, particularly as all my computers are wirelessly
>Can anyone advise me if there a recommended method to uninstall Ubuntu,
>or does one merely delete the partition?  Also, how does one delete the
>Grub menu afterwards?

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