[ubuntu-uk] Edgy sometimes stalls on boot.

Llywelyn Owen linux at spamtracker.co.uk
Mon Jan 1 13:13:27 GMT 2007

I've a niggly problem with edgy. Sometimes during boot it stalls at about
30-40% of the graphic progress bar and there's nothing I can do to move it
along except a hard reboot whereupon it boots as normal. It's not a big
problem but I would like a fix and at the moment the web searches I've made
have failed to come up with an answer - perhaps I'm asking the wrong
question. Any ideas? Is there a log file which would shed some light on
what's going wrong?

Also, is there something I should be doing to boot the system after the
routine (every 30 or so boots) disk check has completed it's work? I just
seem to end up with text view of the the aftermath - should the end of the
disk check sequence continue to boot and take me to the desktop?


Llywelyn Owen
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