[ubuntu-uk] start up problems

ged byrom ged.byrom at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 26 00:39:30 GMT 2007

gord wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 15:10 +0000, ged byrom wrote:
>> I am having problems at start up. I am using kubuntu edgy. My problem is 
>> that sometimes it starts up and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I get 
>> "pc out of frequency" with some numbers in khz and hz. These numbers can 
>> change. Sometimes I just get a blank screen and I can't get anything if 
>> I press ctrl-alt-F1.
>> It might start up 1 in 4 or 5 tries. It will sometimes start in another 
>> kernel but sometimes it won't.
>> I have edited my /boot/grub/menu.1st and removed "splash" and added 
>> apm=power-off. It seemed to work at first but now I'm back to square 1.
>> Can anyone suggest anything else to try.
>> Does anyone out there know how I can get rid of the kubuntu screen so I 
>> can see all of the loading up on a permanent basis.I know it's pretty 
>> but I'd like to see what's going in and where it is hanging up
> are you sure its ubuntu/linux that is not working here? might it be the
> bios? 
> you could remove the usplash symlink in your /etc/RC0.d/ directory to
> stop usplash (the loading screen) to just get a normal text output but
> be sure to backup anything you start messing with :)
I think it gets too far to be the bios and I don't have any trouble with 
windows and I didn't have any trouble with dapper.
I was getting an error message when playing video with mplayer movie 
player. I can't remember the error (It mentioned x-video and 3d 
support-Ithink) but I fixed that by installing a new driver for the 
graphics. I have also installed windows drivers for a usb wireless 
dongle. I'm guessing it's one of them.
I have tried to look in the boot log but it tells me --"The file 
'/var/log/boot.log' does not exist."
I consider myself to be a novice, I'm just not frightened of rooting 
about where I shouldn't.
My graphics card is an ati 8500 all in wonder and the usb stick is an 
I'll have to do some studying to remove the symlink because I don't know 
what one is.
            Thanks for the help

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