[ubuntu-uk] what's happened to ubuntu-uk ?

Philip Wyett philip.wyett at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 21:37:14 GMT 2007

On 20/02/07, Nik Butler <nik at butlershouse.co.uk> wrote:
> > I was wondering the same thing! Maybe everyone is just quietly enjoying
> > Ubuntu and not posting because 'it just works'!
> >
> Grrr Tell me about it! I love Ubuntu and free software but its hard to
> write and blog about and get enthusiatic about things that just work as
> I expect them to. Ive got to use windows just to remind myself of why I
> left Windows in the first place! it Jut works needs to be our slogan or
> some variation because honestly for how I use a Desktop PC , Ubuntu It
> Works for me is all I can tell people.  Though I think most people want
> the hard work and bad experiences just so they have something to gripe
> about !

It's true Ubuntu releases work great, but there is more the UK LoCoTeam
could concentrate on like conferences and bring the OS to new users here
on our little island or get involved in improving documentation etc.

If you really want to see Ubuntu with the odd problem and bug, you need
to play with the pre releases such as Feisty Fawn and help/watch the OS
take shape before it's official release.


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