[ubuntu-uk] what's happened to ubuntu-uk ?

Nik Butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Tue Feb 20 18:57:24 GMT 2007

> I was wondering the same thing! Maybe everyone is just quietly enjoying
> Ubuntu and not posting because 'it just works'!
Grrr Tell me about it! I love Ubuntu and free software but its hard to 
write and blog about and get enthusiatic about things that just work as 
I expect them to. Ive got to use windows just to remind myself of why I 
left Windows in the first place! it Jut works needs to be our slogan or 
some variation because honestly for how I use a Desktop PC , Ubuntu It 
Works for me is all I can tell people.  Though I think most people want 
the hard work and bad experiences just so they have something to gripe 
about !

Nik Butler

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