[ubuntu-uk] Awareness-Raising Campaign Idea (was Ubuntu CNR deal)

James Tait james.tait at wyrddreams.org
Mon Feb 12 22:21:25 GMT 2007

Robin Menneer wrote:
> You also need to carefully define your target eg the huge population of
> semi-bored computer-illiterates might be more productive than
> experienced-with-windows men-in-the-street ? 

You may very well be right.  I think especially with people who are not
already seasoned/regular computer users and are just deciding to venture
in to this brave new world and buy a PC at home for the first time, one
very important question they will ask is "What do you use?", shortly
followed by "Why?".  I think this type of campaign would be particularly
effective for these people.

That's not to say that I don't think it has a potential audience among
the Windows-faithful.  I still believe that Vista is an opportunity for
Ubuntu to come to the fore, with people who would normally have said
"I'm buying a PC, therefore I'll get/need a copy of Windows" now pausing
for a moment to consider the alternatives.  Again, such a campaign
would, I think, prove effective.  I do have regular Windows users asking
me about Linux and I'm more than happy to tell them what it is and why I
use it.  It hasn't yet resulted in any full-blown conversions, but the
message is beginning to get across.

> And once they get the
> message, they will tell their grandchildren.

Indeed.  Up until now, conventional wisdom has suggested that having a
PC means running Windows.  With more visibility to those not already
acquainted with FLOSS and more positive association, I think we will see
a snowball effect.

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