[ubuntu-uk] Could Linux (and Ubuntu) do more to encourage students?

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 11:00:49 GMT 2007

On 02/02/07, Benjamin Webb <bjwebb67 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > > Are there any OS graphics programmes? one of my students was asking.
> Two I know of are the GIMP and Inscape. Both seem pretty good to me,
> but then I don't know that much about graphics.

Sorry I'm late to the party on this thread! I somehow missed it until now.

Just to help Caroline out, that was meant to be 'Inkscape'.

It would help us to help you, Caroline, if you were more specific
about exactly what type of graphics program (s)he was after. Is it for
photo editing, animation, 3D rendering, etc. Good suggestions for most
of these have been posted to the thread.

And what sort of composing is your other student after? Does he need
to produce sheet music, or is it MIDI output that's needed? If the
former, lilypond produces excellent output, but it's command-line
driven from a (slightly) cryptic text file input. There are some GUIs
out there that help out - look for denemo (although there are bugs in
the one in the Ubuntu registry when producing piano scores: they've
been fixed if you compile the version from the website - ask and I can
help with more instructions, since I did it for my wife).
For MIDI output (or an alternative lilypond GUI), try rosegarden.
For audio editing, try audacity or jokosher (the latter being written
by Canonical's own Jono Bacon).


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