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Wed Feb 7 13:26:46 GMT 2007

On 07/02/07, Daniel Watkins <D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk> wrote:
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> James Allman-Talbot wrote:
> > Most people (for example, me) travel around a lot. My car is never in a
> > place that I am not, therefore the it will know where I am too.
> You never use trains? You never get lifts? You never walk anywhere?

Lifts? Is that the up and down type? :-)

> Climate change happens naturally, with or without human intervention
> > around every 150,000 years and we are long overdue. The effects we are
> > seeing now are exactly the same as those seen by our ancestors, except
> > they didn't have pollution to blame.
> Yeah, that's a lovely story, but it is scientific fact that global
> warming is caused by pollution. Simple as that.

I'm always dubious of calling anything a scientific fact as many "scientific
facts" tend to get ripped to bits over time. I would go with scientific

> Did you know that a single, one-way transatlantic flight creates more
> > pollution than every single motor racing event on earth put together
> > does in one whole year? If you're going to blame anyone for creating
> > pollution, it's not drivers.
> And, of course, if a single measure won't fix everything, why bother
> with it at all?
> > Personally i think this new type of road taxing is just a money making
> > scheme, as if they don't have enough up their sleeves.
> No, that's true. The NHS is incredibly well funded and all of our
> schools are supreme. Oh, hold on, that doesn't sound right...

The NHS can be regarded as well funded. Throwing money at something
does not make it good. Take a certain OS that has 90 plus percent of the
market and is regarded as poor by a lot of people and the relatively poorly
funded software projects that make up what is regarded as a good and very
secure OS! :-D

> As for speed
> > limits, i wholly agree with them but i wholly disagree with the way in
> > which they are enforced. As an average, casualties in an area can
> > actually increase when a speed camera is put in to place because drivers
> > suddenly turn their attention to their speedometer instead of the road
> > infront of them.
> Then you should clearly have no problem with being tracked all the time,
> as there's nowhere specific that will become a danger point. This is an
> argument in favour of introducing these devices.

I have no problem with being tracked.

Home to work. Then work to pub the to home.


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