[ubuntu-uk] UK linux organisations (was Re: French FLOSS for Schools)

Daniel Watkins D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Feb 7 01:47:40 GMT 2007

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Benjamin Webb wrote:
> Perhaps we should create a site that is for people who already use
> Linux, for co-ordinating the lobbying of the UK government.
I would suggest that before you go to all the bother of creating this
website and the accompanying organisation you research whether there are
any other, more general, websites that could be put to this use. I would
suggest the FSF, for starters...

> The LUGs are a particularly good point, which I had forgotten. With
> the LUGs we can make sure we have lobbyists in as many constituencies
> and areas of the UK as possible. However, I think it might still be a
> good idea to create a Linux UK Lobbying Group, with linking to (and
> hopefully from) the LUG site.
I would further suggest that, assuming none of the above suggestions
work and you do set up this website, you will need to find a local
(G)LUG to maintain it with you.

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