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Tue Feb 6 12:21:42 GMT 2007

On 06/02/07, Stephen Garton <sheepeatingtaz at gmail.com> wrote:
> London School of Puppetry wrote:
> > Is there an OS programme that can be used to animate still images-
> > something similar to Flash? - I have been asked by a local secondary
> > school.  They have one computer with Linux installed.  Caroline lsp
> >
> >
> I've just been playing with "add/remove..." in the applications menu,
> and noticed there is one called "Stopmotion" and has the following
> description: "program for creating stop motion animations
> You can create stop-motion animations with images grabbed from your
> favourite video device. You just sets stopmotion to use a grabber
> program which works with your device. It is also possible to do the same
> with video export; just plug in an encoder capable of doing video export
> from couple of images.
> Stopmotion has a set of tools which helps you creating the movements
> smooth and precise.
> Version: 0.5.5-1 (stopmotion)"
> I've not used it myself, having used the Gimp also, but this program
> sounds like it may be up for more "profesionnal"
> Oh, and searching packages.ubuntu.com shows that it is at version 0.5.3
> in edgy (I'm testing Feisty at the moment).
> Hope This Helps
> Steve Garton
> www.sheepeatingtaz.co.uk

Hi Steve- this is really useful- except that I can't find it. am in
Ubuntu Edgy Eft- 6.2
does this mean it isn't available? Caroline
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