[ubuntu-uk] Latest Feisty

Ted ted at trufflesdad.plus.com
Sat Feb 3 13:47:03 GMT 2007

Eamonn Sullivan wrote:
> On 2/3/07, Ted <ted at trufflesdad.plus.com> wrote:
>> Think I will put 10.1 on and use Synaptic to upgrade it as I did on this box
>> but I did want the cd to install on a neighbours box...Have you tried
>> the Desktop
>> version to see if that works ??
> I should have mentioned, but yes I'm using the desktop version. I
> don't want to use the alternate because I'm running it in LiveCD mode
> just for testing on my Edgy laptop. (On my two desktop PCs running
> Edgy, Feisty Herd 3 seems to work fine.)
> -Eamonn
I have filled in a bug report...Seems other people are having install 
in various ways....

 Ted Wager G3TPI
   High Peak UK
    Using Ubuntu Linux

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