[ubuntu-uk] Latest Feisty

Ted ted at trufflesdad.plus.com
Sat Feb 3 10:28:10 GMT 2007

I have just d/loaded the latest Feisty alternative cd and find it will 
not boot..
It just hangs after the choose keyboard screen...I also tried the check 
software option
and that starts but bombs out after a few seconds...I have checked the 
m5sum and]it is correct
I also tried a torrent dload and this is the same...I have burned it at 
a slow rate to a high
quality disk three times and all are the same...Has anyone got this 
running ok or is it a bug ??
  I know the burner/disks are ok as I did a copy of Linux Mint at the 
same time....

 Ted Wager G3TPI
   High Peak UK
    Using Ubuntu Linux

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