[ubuntu-uk] Could Linux (and Ubuntu) do more to encourage students?

Toby Smithe toby.smithe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 22:05:47 GMT 2007

I have decided not to get involved in this discussion as it makes me
sad. Sad that it is true, and sad that we sit here discussing how it is
true whilst not much is or can be done.

Oh, and sad that the values of industry are so fickle. "Marketing",
"demand", "training" and "support". The last two are important, but only
as the first two are minimal. Increase the first two, and the need for
latter will also decrease. As a result, the "demand" for "marketing"
will also lose potential.

I'm not sure where that last thought was going. Just an observation,

Help me get to Venezuela!

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