[ubuntu-uk] Condemning Piracy - WAS eSys ePC basic

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Tue Aug 28 10:11:32 BST 2007

I've had a look at the "Customer Reviews" on eBuyer (the UK distributor 
for eSys).

Sadly, several of them talk about "putting XP on it".

I am tempted to post follow-up questions asking where they bought the XP 
licences from, in order to make that PC a cost-effective solution for them.

I'm wondering whether there is mileage in the Ubuntu Community putting 
out a press release along the lines of

"Community Initiative to Stamp Out Software Piracy...

... Ubuntu Linux and OpenOffice have been developed as an alternative to 
those who don't want to pay £100 for Windows Vista, but want to obey the 

.... blah de blah.... home users, ... quote from J Smith, age 70 "I 
found it really easy to use... now I can see the photos of my 
grandchildren in Australia..." [Human interest element]

... blah de blah... business user ... quote from Company Director [me?] 
saying "Switching to Linux saved our business £x,000 this year, and 
we've found it really easy to get third-party support." [Business element]"

The rules for a good press release:

1: One page only
2: One "key message" only
3: Human interest angle (celebrity is better)
4: "Explanatory facts" go onto a second page under "Notes to editors"



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